Client Reviews

Here's a sample of what our clients have to say about our personal service.

Here's what our clients have to say


Pat is all in and very committed at every step. We filed an appeal and even though these were misdemeanors the collateral consequences were great. Pat understood and gave the case her utmost attention. We won the appeal and the state chose to dismiss. Pat I am forever grateful.



I've known Patricia A. Gitre since 2007. She is not only an Exceptional Attorney, a great friend now. Patricia will always be the attorney my family and I will use. She is driven, great sense of compassion and fights to win for all clients. I TRULY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Patricia A. Gitre to anyone that needs legal advice or help. There is not enough great words to describe her.


Professional and Knowlegable

When searching for an attorney I knew instantly after talking to Pat over the phone that I had found the "needle in the haystack"! She was patient and listened to all of my concerns. She kept me updated often and in the end the outcome couldn't have been better! I highly recommend Ms. Gitre!


Absolutely amazing, words can't explain Patricia Gitre's service.......

Due to unfortunate circumstances I recently found myself in need of an attorney. I was diligent when searching for someone who would not only take my case but who would also be willing to listen and take the time that was necessary. Several of the attorneys I initially spoke with were more interested in discussing their retainer than actually making me feel as though they really even listened to my concerns... until I spoke with Pat. Not only did she listen in the beginning and throughout the whole process but she actually CARED... and she knows her stuff! I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and I am certain that things would have gone far differently if she had not been involved. I highly recommend Miss Gitre and although I hope to never need her services again in the future - I wouldn't hesitate to put my fate in her capable hands.


A Truly Dedicated Attorney Saved My Life

Not many attorneys will listen and actually treat you like an innocent person when your charged. Too often you hear, "well they said you did it, so lets just wait for a plea". However I was facing over 100 counts and Ms. Gitre actually listened. She was respected by the prosecution and fought hard for me. She listened to me, kept me focused on what was material to the case. In the end, without any negotiating, plea bargaining, or assisting the prosecution, all charges were dropped. Saved my life and career. Now years later, we remain in touch and she's always taken time to listen and help. There are a lot of good attorneys out there, but Ms. Gitre was true to her word, she stood by me and my family until I won my life back.


Extremely knowledgeable and professional

Pat is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. My case was very intensive and complex. She was on top of everything from the very beginning and was my steadfast advocate through out. I can not imagine having to go through this case without her. She always made time to listen and also explain so that I understood all the aspects. She was always honest and truthful. She has the highest integrity with and gives her all for each client.


Class ACT Attorney!!

Pat is absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, we went through a couple of very poor performing attorney's before we found Pat. Pat came in midstream to the case and was nothing but FANTASTIC! I only wished we would have found her before the trial began. I can not emphasize enough, how important a high performing, ethical, knowledgeable and caring attorney is in a federal criminal case. Pat truly lives and breathes her job and wants the best for her clients. She works hard for every penny that she earns. She truly is a game changer when it comes to criminal defense attorneys! She brings hope to defendents that are hopeless! She is worth her weight in gold and then some. Pat we appreciate all you have done for us more than you will ever know. Thank YOU!


criminal defense

I was determined to fight my case and I needed an experienced and exceptional lawyer by my side. Pat Gitre believed in me from our first meeting and fought passionately to uphold my constitutional rights that she strongly believed had been violated. Throughout my representation, Mrs. Gitre was at the top of her game and did all the right research to prove my case.


An amazing lawyer! An A+ is not a high enough grade for Patricia Gitre.

To begin, Patricia Gitre is an outstanding attorney, who knows the letter of the law as well as the spirit of the law. Patricia not only took my case and handled every aspect of it with meticulous care but was also concerned for my family along with my employment situation. Patricia also made all of the documents being used in the case available on-line, for me to access. Every time I would call or email Patricia she would acknowledge each message as soon as she was available to do so. Patricia was able to calm my nerves as well as my family's, during this stressful time. A simple "Thank you" is not enough to express how much my family and I appreciated Patricia's time and effort in our case.

Mark E.


Ms. Gitre provided me with prompt professional legal advice. I found her to be an extremely good listener, compassionate and very empathetic towards my personal circumstances. Ms. Gitre took into account all the specifics surrounding my case, was complete in gathering all the facts, and she provided me with an honest and informative understanding of the possible outcomes. Her approach to my case was methodical and strategic. Ms. Gitre kept me informed throughout the process and was always eager to answer my questions. I found Ms. Gitre's fees to be fair and would highly recommend her.

J. Jeffery


Gitre is a very tough attorney. Very Honorable, Vigilant & Trustworthy. You will be well represented and in good hands. She crosses her T's and dots her I's she leaves no stone unturned. She truly cares about her clients and takes their situation seriously. I would highly recommend her services. Gitry is an asset to her profession and we are fortunate to have her practicing law in our community. Thanks for your high level of service!


Extremely thorough attorney

Pat is one of a kind. She is extremely thorough, she works her cases through to the end, not missing anything and providing the best possible defense for her client. It's because of Pat's perseverance and knowledge of the Law that my family was saved from a very dismal future.


Excellent lawyer you can trust your life with

Saying Pat is an excellent lawyer simply does not do her justice.

She represented me in a complex case which I had concerns she would not understand mainly because most criminal attorneys promise the moon and after they are retained, simply lose interest.

Pat worked tirelessly on my case, actually listening to everything I had to say. She did not discount my input and when the time came, Pat was a strong and persuasive advocate on my behalf. Pat won my case and saved my life, my career, and my family.