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Defending the Biker Club as seen on A & E "Outlaw Bikers"

Attorney Patricia Gitre defends biker club facing Federal Charges

Attorney Patricia Gitre explains part of her defense in a case brought by the United States against members of the Hell's Angels bike club.  The prosecution had charged  members with numerous counts, including a using a "RICO" charge, which is normally applied to members of organized crime.  In the case Ms. Gitre handled, the prosecution sought to apply this organized crime statute against the members of the biker group.

Ms. Gitre pursued disclosure of all of the prosecution's evidence, including surveillance tapes involving conduct of the prosecution's agents.  The prosecution stalled until the Federal Judge hearing the case ordered production of all of the evidence, including surveillance tapes including tapes involving prosecution agent's conduct.  The prosecution refused.  That decision ultimately lead to dismissals or substantially reduced charges against the defendants in this case.

Ms. Gitre fights for your right to a fair trial, regardless of your background, or type of charges filed against you.


Our Office Helped Put an End to Fleecing of Elderly

The Arizona Republic | January 2010

Arizona is home to one of the largest populations of elderly residents, who come to our fine state to retire and enjoy life.  Unfortunately for those who have saved up for their retirements, they can fall prey to people that claim they will help our senior community. . . but unfortunately seek to help themselves to a senior's life savings.

Marie Long was quickly taken advantage of.  Her $1.3 million dollars of lifetime savings, intended to pay for her retirement needs, became a pot of gold for a group of people claiming to help Marie.

Within a matter of years, Marie's life savings were fleeced, and Marie became another victim of the probate system.

Ms. Gitre, in conjunction with other attorneys, offered their services to put an end to the abuse that occurs way too often.  In the end, some that was supposed to take care of Marie abandoned her after using her funds to pay for gifts, sporting event tickets for their employees, and other unnecessary expenses.

Ms. Gitre fought hard for Marie.  In the end, some of the people who had fleeced Marie were put out of business.

Attorney Patricia Gitre Helps Overturn Majority of Jury Verdict Against Politician's Aide

Arizona Capitol Times | November 2013

In a heavily publicized case filed by the United States Attorney's Office against an aide to a local politician, Ms. Gitre defended her client a trial winning not guilty verdicts on a majority of the charges.  Despite our client's verdict against him on the remaining 9 counts, we didn't give up and  eventually helped overturn 8 out of 9 counts relating to wire fraud.

When the local politician's aide was caught up in a wide spread Federal investigation, the aide was indicted on some very serious charges, with the possibility of facing substantial time in prison, if convicted.  Ms. Gitre fought hard, advocating that the charges should have been filed in State Court, rather than Federal Court.

Zealously representing her client for several years, Ms. Patricia Gitre won numerous acquittals at trial and eventually won her client's freedom by successfully overturning 8 out of the 9 remaining verdicts against the aide.

Ms. Gitre's tireless work result resulted in a sentence of probation, rather than substantial prison time.

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