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Quality, Result Oriented, Honest, and Affordable Legal Representation.
Car and Motorcycle Accidents

Our office has handled both motorcycle accidents, motorcycle injuries as well vehicle accidents and injuries.  We also network with some of Arizona's finest automotive personal injury attorneys to provide you with the sound and affordable legal representation. Regardless of fault, we will represent your best interests and make sure you not forced into a settlement or compromise that doesn't compensate you to your satisfaction.

Get the result you deserve, call our office today for a consultation.


We represent plaintiffs and defendants in assorted claims relating to general liability, negligence, or intentional liability actions that result in an injury to either property and/or personal injury.  We work with you and insurance companies to protect your best interests.  Whether your a plaintiff or a potential defendant, we can assist you.

Criminal Defense

Patricia Gitre has over 30 years defending clients in both State and Federal Courts.  Regardless of your case, whether your charged with multiple counts, or a single count, your rights, life, and immigration status could be severely affected.  We vigorously represent you, taking into account your budget and the best outcome for you.

We regularly try both Federal and State criminal cases.  We have defended large scale Federal and State cases with outstanding results.  Our success has earned us recognition in the press and on television.  We don't shy away from trials.  We will go to the mat for you!

We can step in as post trial counsel for habeas corpus, or other post trial relief work.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases vary in all shapes and sizes that's why its important to call us today to discuss your personal injury case.  We  network with some of Arizona's finest personal injury attorneys, specialists, and investigators.

This allows our firm to help you find the best representation that suits your needs.

Bankruptcy Help for Debtors and Creditors

We represent both Debtors and Creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.  If your a debtor, you can face cases brought against you by creditors wanting to have their debt declared non-dischargeable.  Meaning, even if you receive a discharge, certain debts may still follow you for decades.  These cases are called "adversarial" actions or claims and are often filed under Section 523 of the bankruptcy code.  If your sued in bankruptcy court seeking non-discharge of a certain debt, you have the right to have your case heard in the bankruptcy court, or transferred to a Federal District Court under the Stern v. Marshall United States Supreme Court decision.

If your a creditor seeking to protect your judgment or a debt owed to you by a debtor, we can assist you in Relief from Stay Motions (11 U.S.C. § 362), filing adversary complaints (11 U.S.C. § 523), pursuing fraudulent transfer claims (11 U.S.C. § 548).  Don't let your money disappear just because someone files bankruptcy.

Our team has  successfully purchased debtor's property, such as legal causes of action, through bankruptcy court authorized sales.  We have assisted parties purchase  causes of action, such as malpractice claims, against them, where they have the right to dismiss the case against them.  We have also helped people purchase a debtor's right to appeal a judgment against him, and have appeared before the 9th Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, and 9th Circuit.

Civil Litigation

We handle most types of civil litigation, both for plaintiffs and defendants.  Whether is a breach of contract, negligence, ADA violation claim, or premise liability action, we can help you.  Regardless of the nature of your dispute, we evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of all cases, for both sides.  We then come up with a game plan to achieve the best results.

We can help resolve your disputes informally, in mediation, arbitration, or in a full trial.  Our specialty if getting the best result for your respective needs.


We have experience in probate cases.  When the elderly are taken advantage of, we can step in to protect their interests.   We also assist clients in Trust disputes and assorted other Probate petitions.

When you and your relatives need representation, we can help advise you on what path will lead to the best results.

Administrative Hearings

Our office also represents clients in various Administrative hearings.

Don't underestimate your Administrative hearing, they can have change your life.  Call us today to discuss your options.


Our office specializes in both criminal and civil appeals.  We have over thirty years of experience in the criminal field and have had success in criminal appeals, both habeas related and other various post trial conviction relief.

We also handle civil appeals, for appellants and respondents alike.  We take a thorough approach in researching all issues, and carefully review the record of your case.

We network with top investigators and other legal professionals who specialize in post trial relief.  Let our team review your case and discuss your options.

Courts we appear in throughout Arizona

We also appear in most State and Federal Courthouse Locations. If you don't see your court listed, please contact us. Our service area is flexible to suit your needs.
Apache County

Apache Superior Court -St. Johns

Apache Justice and City Courts (Chinle, Perco-Sanders, Round Valley and St. Johns)

Coconino County

Coconino Superior Court
Flagstaff Justice Court
Flagstaff Municipal court
Fredonia Justice Court
Page Justice Court
Williams Justice Court
Williams Municipal Court
Fredonia Municipal Court
Page Municipal Court

La Paz County

La Paz Superior Court
La Paz city and municipal Courts (Quartzsite, Salome and Parker)
Yarnell Justice Court (for Yarnell, Congress, Rincon, Walnut Grove, Kirkland, Wilhoit, and Peeples Vall

Mohave County

Mohave Superior Court (Kingman, Lake Havasu Bullhead City)
Mohave Justice courts -Bullhead City, Kingman/Cerbat
Kingman Municipal Court
Bullhead City Municipal Court
Lake Havasu Municipal Court
North Canyon Consolidated Court
Mohave Municipal Courts (Kingman, Bullhead City and Lake Havasu)

Navajo County

Navajo Superior Court (Holbrook and Show Low)

Navajo Justice and City Courts (including Holbrook, Kayenta, Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low, Snowflake and Winslow)

Yavapai County

Yavapai Superior Court
Bagdad-Yarnell Justice Court (for Bagdad, Hillside, and Yava)
Mayer Justice Court (for Bumble Bee, Cleator, Black Canyon City, Crown King, Humboldt, Dewey, and Mayer)
Seligman Justice Court (and Ash Fork)
Verde Valley Justice Court (for Camp Verde, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Jerome, Oak Creek, Cornville, Red Rock, and Sedona)
Jerome Municipal Court
Clarkdale magistrate Court
Camp Verde Municipal Court
Sedona Municipal Court
Prescott Consolidated Justice/City Court
Prescott Valley Magistrate Court
Verde Valley Justice Court
Chino Valley Municipal Court
Prescott City Court
Prescott Justice Court
Cottonwood Municipal Court
Camp Verde Municipal Court

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