GitreLaw Removes Property Liens Obtained By California Lawyer’s Fabricated Judgment

Our client owned several properties in the Maricopa County area. He learned a California attorney had obtained a default judgment against him and his mother’s company. Our office investigated the liens, a judgment from California, and the California attorney who used a felon convicted of multiple crimes relating to the court proceedings, as well as […]

The Defense in FBI’S “Ghost Lobby” Bribery Trial Wins

Attorney Patricia Gitre successfully represented former Arizona Corporation Committee member, Gary Pierce, who was charged, along with his wife and two others, with conspiracy, bribery and wire fraud in one of the State’s highly publicized political trials of 2018.  After a hasty three month investigation (during which the prosecution interviewed only three witnesses), the government […]

Revised Arizona Civil and Criminal Forfeiture Laws Affecting Your Property Rights

Arizona has just signed into effect a revised law relating to the government’s ability to seize and keep your property.  This has been labeled as an extremely effective tool for law enforcement to use in RICO (“racketeering”) cases.  So what is racketeering?  Isn’t that just for organized crime, the “mob”, Goodfellas, Sopranos, and The Godfather?  […]